Botonics [botanical + tonics] is a boutique producer of premium small batch Australian native superfood powders designed to be mixed the way you like into nourishing tonics that support your body's essential functions.

Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales, our 100% plant-based formulations combine wild-grown Australian native superfoods with certified organic ingredients to bring you the most powerful and delicious ways to nourish your body naturally.



We are passionate about supporting the traditional custodians of our land, their businesses and communities. As a non-Indigenous owned business, we source our native ingredients from Indigenous growers and harvesters wherever possible and proudly donate $1 from every Australian native product sold to Red Dust, an organisation dedicated to promoting health in remote Indigenous communities.

All our products are housed and delivered in 100% recyclable packaging, and we choose carriers that offer carbon neutral parcel deliveries.



A note from our Founder

Nothing affects our quality of life more than how well (or not) we feel, and nutritional well-being plays a huge role in supporting a healthy body and mind.

I'm Amy, wife and mum of two little boys, living in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales. I created Botonics because I was tired of looking and feeling tired after years of sleepless nights and not having enough time to support my body with the right nutrition.

In my 20s, I had all the time in the world to focus on me. I exercised 5 days a week, dived deep into nutrition, spent a lot of time meal prepping / clean eating, and I looked and felt fabulous... enough to even get up on stage for a fitness comp!

Then came my 30s, children, very little sleep, and somehow I ended up at the bottom of my own priority list. There seemed to be no time for exercise (an excuse I'd always hated hearing from others), stress was at an all-time high and I'd developed a FODMAP sensitivity which meant I could no longer enjoy most of the healthy foods I loved without looking like I was 5 months pregnant again, daily.

Natural supplements seemed the logical choice.

But I found out the hard way that many of the ‘all-natural’, 'gut friendly' products were not very friendly towards me - or many other people with sensitive tummies - so I decided to develop my own.

Combining nutritional knowledge with scientific research and expert advice, I stumbled across Australian native superfoods and was stunned by how incredibly powerful they are. I was also amazed that I'd not come across them before and that few brands harnessing their potential.

I became obsessed with using native ingredients to create quick and easy ways to help others like me nourish their bodies in the purest, most natural and truly gut-friendly ways possible.

The result is our first product Natural Beauty Sleep, formulated to support one of our body's most essential functions while nourishing from within to promote healthy, glowing skin. 

I hope you enjoy sleeping beautifully as much as I do now, along with so many of our happy customers!